In recent years, Hong Kong building industry have been searching opportunities of adopting Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method in building constructions. Such innovative construction method maximizes the module unit as a volumetric module unit, which with a box like appearance, pre-fabricated in the off-site factory, and transport to the subject site for installation later on, in order to enhance the construction performance in various way and also improve safety at site.
YTONG AAC panel in MiC can:
  • Reduce weight of a volumetric volume unit;
  • Increase the productivity (It is easy to carry and handle due to YTONG AAC is up to 3 times lighter than concrete);
  • provide good durability (similar to concrete);
  • provide excellent fire insulation and resistance performance (at least 2 hours with 75mm thick);
YTONG AAC panel can be applied for:
  • External wall
  • Partition wall
  • Slab / roof