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Jetway Building Material Limited is the sole agency and authorized installer in Hong Kong and Macau.
YTONG is an international brand of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) under the XELLA Group of Germany, which the leader of AAC wall solutions of energy efficient and sustainable buildings. Its AAC building materials have been widely used in Europe and Asia for more than 50 years and 20 years.
In 1991, the YTONG construction system was first intoduced to the building construction industry in Hong Kong. In 1992, the production plant of YTONG building materials was established in Yuen Long as the first successful application of the system in Hong Kong, in order to provide YTONG materials for the local market to cope with the rapidly growing construction market in Hong Kong.
Since 2016, YTONG production line has been moved to Zhejiang, and produced by Changxing YTONG Co., Ltd which directly managed by YTONG Germany. The production of AAC panel (Accredited with ISO9001:2015) have been strictly monitoring to ensure that the quality of the materials meets the standard of YTONG International and customer's requirement.
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ISO Certification

ISO9001 Quality Management
ISO14001 Environmental Management
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