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The secrete behind speed, sustainability and quality

The Ytong Building System is a sophisticated system for the quick and costefficient construction of sustainable, energy-efficient housing. Prefabricated, modular, customised, sustainable and high-quality.

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The secret: the characteristics and convenience of Ytong aerated concrete. Aerated concrete is an unique building material. It is very light and strong. It contains millions of miniscule air pockets, a feature that provides it with even more beneficial properties:

  • it provides excellent thermal insulation;

  • it accumulates heat: it temporarily stores and gradually releases heat;

  • it has excellent fire resistance values;

  • it is fully waterproof;

  • it is entirely airtight.

YTONG External Block Wall.png
YTONG External Block Wall

The YTONG External Block Wall offers fire resistance, thermal insulation, lightweight construction, quick installation, and a smooth and aesthetically pleasing exterior. It provides greater strength compared to partition block walls and is designed to withstand strong winds. When combined with waterproof coatings available in the market, it easily meets moisture and waterproofing requirements, ensuring exceptional durability. 

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YTONG Partition Block Wall

Similar to the external block wall, the YTONG Partition Block Wall offers excellent fire resistance. A mere 100mm thickness of YTONG block wall is sufficient to meet a 4-hour fire rating. It also provides sound insulation, blocking 30-60 decibels of noise and reducing echoes, making it suitable for various-sized spaces.

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YTONG External Panel Wall

YTONG External renowned for its unmatched construction speed and absence of lengthy mortar curing time. With customizable dimensions up to 6 meters, it can be tailored to meet precise customer specifications, including intricate carvings and patterns. The panel's smooth surface eliminates the need for additional plastering, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. It complies with safety and structural standards, making it perfect for upscale projects emphasizing visual appeal. Besides, its exceptional fire resistance prevents the propagation of fire, making it particularly well-suited for densely populated areas like Hong Kong.